Company Retreat


Reconnect with your coworkers

Inspire and excite your coworkers on a unique company retreat in harmony with nature. We will provide your team with everything you need to reconnect in our quiet, intimate location where many powerful conversations had occurred, and ideas come alive.

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• We’ll prepare our conference room in the apartment house for your workshops and training sessions with all you need – a projector, tables, chairs, coffee break,
• organization and preparation of workshops and training sessions in nature – help you find the best spot, according to your needs,
• organization of food and delivery to the place where the workshop is performing,
• all the information about the local cuisine,
• organization of the food according to the individual’s needs in case of vegetarian, vegan, lactose, and gluten-free diet.

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Coworkers Adventure

You will connect with your coworkers, discovering the best spots and trails on Pohorje.

Our trails offer adventure not only for the bike enthusiasts but also for less experienced bikers.

According to the team’s abilities and expectations, our trained staff will prepare a custom-made bike tour.

You can choose between fun&easy, thematic, moderate, and demanding biking tours.

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We will provide your coworkers with everything you need for an unforgettable bike adventure:

• learning basic or advanced mountain biking,
• to rent regular and e-mountain bikes, GPS devices,
• to rent helmet, elbow and knee protectors,
• English and German-speaking guide, shuttle
• safe bike storage,
• bike service, cleaning bikes
• charging e-bike batteries,
• washing and drying of bike clothes,
• all the information about trails and mountain huts,
• custom made trails,
• a shuttle from the airport.

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Your coworkers on more than 200 km of marked and maintained hiking trails through the beautiful nature and unique landscape.

You can choose between several different hiking trails from easy, thematic to moderate and demanding.

Our trained staff will prepare a custom-made hiking trail, according to the team’s abilities and expectation, and you will experience a truly unique adventure as an exceptional team you are.

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We provide your coworkers with:

• guiding hiking tours
• rent of binoculars,
• raincoat rental,
• hiking poles rental,
• washing and drying of sports equipment
• hiking map,
• all the information about hiking trails, mountain huts.

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Unique Reconnection

Our beautiful mountain range with forests and wildness is a unique, quiet, and intimate place where your coworkers will reconnect in harmony with nature.

You will discover paths that made the history of these unique places on many cultural and natural sights.

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Our team will provide you with all the information and organization of the visit to the natural and cultural sights:

Authentic farm life on the aunty Lena’s farm, where they have a perfect place for your workshops in nature,
• Blacksmith farm with the exceptional culinary experience of the blacksmith’s life,
• Lake Ribniško jezero – highest peat bog in Central Europe,
• Lake Jezerc – one of the few glacial forms on Pohorje, and a beautiful masterpiece of a smaller creek during the last ice age,
• Lake Jelenovka,
• The outdoor museum of forestry Lepšnik,
• the open-air museum of the glass industry and quarry.



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