Privacy Policy

The provider undertakes all the information about the client to protect in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

The guest explicitly permits that the provider uses his or her personal information until revoke, in their own databases for the sole purpose of realization of the order, statistical processing, and additional information offers, and expressly consents that his or her personal information, for the purpose of providing agreed services from the contract, can be forwarded to other contractors, established in Slovenia, appropriately registered for the processing personal data and with which the provider has a contract for the processing of personal data, with purpose of the correct execution of the package offers.

At any time the guest may, without any explanation, ask the provider to permanently or temporarily cease to use their personal information, which must be done with a written statement. In such case, the provider will only use client’s personal information necessary for the execution of the contractual obligations (the execution of the rent, voucher issue, tourist tax payment, making ski cards), and keep them only for a time to fulfill a contract.